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Medical Bodywork Therapy

Common pain and injury conditions that we treat.

Rotorcuff Injuries

Low Back Pain

Post Surgical Scar Tissue

Chronic Neck & Back Pain

Repetitive Motion and Sports Injuries

Migraine Headaches

Carpal Tunnel



Plantar Fasciatis

Decreased Range of Motion



Pre and Post Sports Massage


Postural Distortions

Treatments for the above conditions require a course of therapy.

A minimum of 1 treatment hour a week is recommended to achieve therapeutic results.

Managed Care Massages

Once Stress Medic has helped you recover from your injury or chronic pain syndrome,
allow us to partner in the maintenance of your health. Continue to see your therapist by
scheduling monthly therapeutic massage sessions to identify and eradicate restrictions
that naturally form throughout the body when doing life in today’s world!

Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

Course of therapy is a 3 Step Process:

Client Consultation and Intake

    Step # 1:

  • Client Health History
  • Client Education
  • Posture / Soft Tissue Assessment
  • Initial Treatment / establish Care Plan

Client Follow – Up Visit(s)

    Step # 2:

  • Assessment of condition after Initial Visit
  • Continued treatment(s) for tissue injury and chronic pain syndromes
  • Post treatment assessment / adjust Care Plan
  • Determine when Client’s condition can be treated via Manage Care Massages

Manage Care Massages

    Step # 3:

  • Continued rehabilitation of tissues
  • Reduce and manage soft tissue restrictions
  • Improve Circulatory, Lymphatic and Nervous System Performance
  • Maintaining tissues for balance and normal functioning

Did you know…
We honor our prices every time you visit.
No gimmicks, contracts or automatic drafts.
Convenient extended hours for the working family.

Payment Options:

Flexible Spending & HSA

Gift Certificates are also available


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      About Stress Medic

      Our Objectives

      • We help the healing of soft tissue injuries
      • We assist in breaking chronic pain syndromes
      • We facilitate moving the body towards balance and normal functioning
      • We relieve stress and anxiety
      • We work closely with Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Post Surgical Rehabilitation Services

      We specialize in treating Chronic Stress, Pain and Sports Injuries in individuals of all ages. Our clients choose to stay with us to maintain healthy soft tissues with our therapeutic massages.

      Why go anywhere else?

      Independent Tribune
      Reader’s Choice recipient
      Best Massage Studio
      2012 & 2013

      Our Therapists

      The therapists at Stress Medic are very personable and sensitive to your pain and injury issues. They possess diverse backgrounds in training, skills and experience. They receive many Medical, Business and Personal referrals daily.